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Hello everyone,

I have received a couple of enquiries about some people receiving an email saying they have received a PM (private message).
Upon opening the email, they see a blank page.
members then log in, open their messages profile, and there is no message there anyway.

If you have had this problem, please reply to this thread.

Cheers, Brian  ;D

That's a good question. I delete all the emails I get from the forum without opening them and take it as a hint to log in!

Shaunymog 007:
I had a few, Thought it was normal as I had just joined the forum.
Then after the last one I realised something was not right!
That's why I contacted you.

Tanks for your help

Sounds like some kind of phyishing virus or scam where "phyishers" masquerade as a website you know, or email you correspond with, then either hack your account for info or ask for info as if its someone you recognise.
A guy i work with unknowingly had on on his pc recently witch was asking for details from his mates in around about kind of way, the only way he  found out what was going on was the emails where been sent out from his computer late at night, early morning. He had to close his email address to clear it but had past it onto two mates in the mean time.

I have had one blank e-mail, like Shaunymog I thought it was something to do with being new to the forum. Will let you know if I get any more.


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