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Title: Personal & Business Insurance on Unimogs
Post by: DanCason on August 14, 2019, 04:53:51 pm
I'm in the middle of buying a Unimog 1700L for my business (Landscaping with carriage of own goods) to move materials around both in the rear tray and by trailer.

But... i'd also like to be able to use it to load a camper body on and go away for trips in it.

Now, i've spoken with 'Trust Insurance', who hold my business insurance and they said there is no way I can have both. Seems stupid. I can have one... I can have the other, but not both uses? How can they say it's not in their risk scope. Or are all you Unimog drivers with both from the past crashing your vehicles so we cannot get insurance any more.

If I have to get around the problem I would be happy to just use the Unimog to tow the trailer for business materials and have a Unimog solely for camping if it needs to be permanently converted to motor caravan or similar.

Very frustrating as both are common past times with this vehicle and seems it's the insurers blocking this double use. Yet happy for me to drive my double cab 'dual purpose' for both business and pleasure and drop a demountable on the back???

Any ideas or people who have gotten around this gratefully received. Dan.