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Title: New member
Post by: Malc on January 22, 2020, 01:08:21 pm
Hi everyone,
I have owned a 1983 U1200 since last February.
I bought it from a tree surgery company in Hertfordshire, they were selling two at the time so I bought the one I reckoned was best.
Since then I have had all the wheel bearings and some of the seals replaced professionally then started work on it myself. I have put new tyres on it, 395/85 x 20s, so that it runs a bit faster on the road, and it has a more imposing, taller look about it.
I sold the chip box and auto pick-up hitch it came with and bought a drop plate for towing with a regular 50mm tow ball as this is of more use to me.
Also fitted trailer/caravan towing electrics.
I've fitted a radio and speakers, cleaned and painted all the cab floor under the sound-proofing, fixed one or two other bits that weren't working, and have recently had a new 3mm steel floor welded into the tipper body. Currently painting all the sides etc to smarten it up for going to shows, tractor runs etc.
One problem I have is that although 4WD works OK (second position on the switch), diff lock (third position on the switch) causes a big air leak from both axle casings via the axle breathers. I suspect that seals on the diff lock pistons have let go. Is this the case, and how difficult is it to replace these? Any advice on this would be most welcome.
Title: Re: New member
Post by: moose on January 22, 2020, 06:02:01 pm
Hi mall and welcome to the club 1983 you will have three piece axles and the difflock actuators are in side the axle case, best thing to do is isolate the axles there’s a flexible pipe where the torque tube connects to the transfer box clamp these front and rear to assertain which one is leaking, front is harder to do than the rear you can either remove the complete axle or split the axle in situ I prefere to remove.
Good luck
Title: Re: New member
Post by: Villager on January 22, 2020, 10:06:07 pm
Welcome to the forum malc, nice looking mog you have, hopefully you'll manage OK with the difflock seals