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Title: SBU cab tilt mech
Post by: cir287 on May 21, 2020, 12:39:11 pm
Attached is a drawing of a mechanism I built for tipping an SBU cab. The drawing isint completely dimensioned but feel free to ask if unsure.
I've built and tested it, it works very well although I'd use an air tool to wind it, its tedious.
No bending or flexing but I'd still use a chock and check strap when in raised position and needless to say dont be under it when raising / lowering.
I built it for pennies, 2no 1m long M30 threaded bars 6no M30 nuts & washers (not sure of cost), 2no thrust bearings (~5ea) and some scraps I had lying around.

Title: Re: SBU cab tilt mech
Post by: Unimob on August 08, 2020, 09:56:22 pm
Very good idea here. Works off the same principle as a vice only on a larger scale. I'm going to give this a go.
Thanks Claran.