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Unimog Pictures, Vids and Brochures! / Unimog 416 with 22 - 20 tyres
« on: June 19, 2020, 08:00:33 am »
Just seen this Unimog for sale on the internet.

I wonder how much those tyres cost?

Imagine getting a double puncture!

Looks really cool in my opinion and would be great on beaches etc.

Unimog Pictures, Vids and Brochures! / Mad Max Unimog
« on: April 13, 2020, 05:25:17 am »
Whilst searching for some photos to use for guidance, I found this amazing vehicle, Mad Max would love this!

Introduce Yourself / Re: Hi from a new Member
« on: April 13, 2020, 04:52:58 am »
Thanks Moose and Steve for your replies, much appreciated.

I have attached some photos of what I believe is a 404s Firetruck, used by the French. This is very similar to a 404 Firetruck I have seen for sale on a Dutch website. A great example with huge searchlight and huge winch. The owners have converted the back into a sleeping area, a bit basic, but acceptable for overnights.

I would like to convert the back are into a sleeping area with double bed etc, maybe on a hoist. Then convert the "crew area" into a kitchen, so that it is separate from the living area and maybe the cab. I would add solar panels to the roof and also install a toilet and hopefully a shower (small).

There is a chap down in Dorset, Bird Box House who creates and builds amazing wooden interiors, which I would really like.

But, all this is on hold as we cannot travel anywhere at the moment. Hopefully we will all be allowed to travel later this year and we can start the process of hunting down a decent Unimog Firetruck to buy

Introduce Yourself / Hi from a new Member
« on: April 08, 2020, 07:58:21 am »
Hi everyone,

I have been a fan of Unimogs since I worked on the farm in my summer holidays, back in the late 1970's. It is quite amazing looking at the new models, they are fantastic, but also cost a fortune!

Eventually found this extremely informative Forum and signed up and I have already learnt quite a bit. As there are so many Members who are experts and have a huge knowledge of Unimogs, I hope that I can ask their advice/guidance.

I have been working abroad for many years, but now I am based in the South East. I am considering/"dreaming", of buying an old 404 and in time converting it into a Campervan. This would probably be more of a "home", as we would like to travel extensively across Wales, Ireland and Scotland. So would need to be able to live off-grid, with solar, shower etc etc.

Before I even start to look seriously, is it still possible to import a 1960's Unimog 404 Firetruck into the UK. Then, more importantly register it legally as a campervan/motorhome, once the conversion has been finished? I have attached a photo of a 404 currently for sale, which is the style I prefer.

Thanks in advance


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