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Unimog show pictures 2016

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For those that like the older unimogs and accessories, here are a few images that I took while visiting the UVC annual meeting in Germany. As usual there was a massive turn out of old unimogs and of course some auto jumble to find those much needed parts.

Rabbit Recovery:
Great pictures.

Thank you for sharing  :)


Lovely Uniknick, nice to see

I met Tim on the Morsum show and we had a good time. There were more than 300 Unimog and there was a wide field to play Unimog. Trailers and tools were offered for free to try, like plows, cultivators etc. For us it was 250km to go, a 5 hours ride on the Unimog 411.

Next year the show will be in 48249 Duelmen near Muenster in Noth-Rhine Westfalia, from July 28th-30th, 2017.

On the show in May from UCG in Laberweinting there were five Uniknick shown together, but the UVC show is more dedicated to the older Unimogs.



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