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Unimog vids (started 13/11/2012)

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Hi Everyone  :)
made this thread so people can post links to cool unimog videos, so dont be shy and post your own  :D

Heres a quick one i made for the unimog club uk youtube channel  ;)

Not the best tyres in the world, but it makes it more fun  :D  also, excuse the terrible number plate blanking  :-[  next time i think i'll put tape over the number plates  ::)


Heres a brief history of the unimog  :)


--- Quote from: moose on February 16, 2013, 06:53:03 pm ---Heres a brief history of the unimog  :)

--- End quote ---

Cool Video   8)
When it goes onto the 406 the first mog on the left is a westfalia 411 :D  my favorite  :P

uploaded this yesterday
Enjoy :)

this video shows the portal axle principle and chasis flex and much more! :D


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