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Re: Ideas Wanted!
« on: August 27, 2016, 10:53:06 am »
Hmm, we are wondering now whether it might be a better fix to remove the current diesel tank from its perch under the passenger door, and replace it with the big tank. The current tank is two feet long, 15" high and probably 18" deep. It sits inset into the checker plate side step like so:

The brackets that hold the tank fore and aft are welded to the support brackets for the side step like so:

Fastening the big tank on top of the side step brackets would work just fine as far as we can see. The dimensions are: 4 foot long, 26" deep, 15" high. The only problem is that the big tank is 26" deep front to back, so unless we can snug it right back against the chassis rail, we can kiss the step to get into the passenger front door goodbye! Alas, there are some great big triangular bracing bits that will effectively push the tank out about 4-6" from the rail :( Here are the big triangles:

And an overview of where they are:

Actually the two step brackets that sit behind the current tank have smaller triangles! Here they are:

And only one of the really big triangle brackets is getting in the way of the big tank, so perhaps we could remove the existing giant triangle, and get a slightly slimmer one welded in its place? Then if we lift the tank slightly off the step, that will mean it sits back further towards the chassis rail too...

What do you think guys? Does this sound do-able?
Just modifying this for a quick update.

Cheers for all the input!

Rob & Sue
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