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Author Topic: At long last starting the restoration of my 406  (Read 4119 times)

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Re: At long last starting the restoration of my 406
« on: March 31, 2017, 03:20:59 pm »
So will I, but he is ahving this back operation first, which is an unknown factor. I just hope he will be fit enough to do them sometime in May. However my daughter has just bought  a house around the corner from him, so I have thought about getting him to "teach" me how to do it. Prior to that I used a guy in Colchedter called 'Jim the Trim'. He was really good and did a brilliant job on a pair of seats I had re-covered in black vinyl for a Renault 4 van. I paid him 200 cash at the time. However I believe he has retired.

I am waiting for a price on the 3D printed palstic corners, and have been soaking and straightening the card strips for that the seat covers are stapled to. The seat frames have been painted satin black, but I am waiting for the topcoat colour to arrive for the mounting frames and external bits. Should look good, just getting the cab back to "new" is going to be fun.

I suggest you look on Youtube for ideas on how to re-upholster.