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Author Topic: Unimog Pics (started 05/11/2012)  (Read 4952 times)

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Re: Unimog Pics (started 05/11/2012)
« Reply #45 on: February 21, 2015, 08:50:17 am »
Wow - that's nice! Good effort! Has it taken much work to get the mog to that sort of shape, or was it always that tidy? It looks lovely.

Two things I would like to look into if and when it's convenient...

The ROPS - is it standard or did you have it made? The bed on my mog is slightly short and I think what you have would fit behind my cab. Not wanting to sound like a spoilt child here, but I have to have one! :D

The upright exhaust which has appeared at some point during your ownership. That's something else I'd like to do, but am unsure of how to come up with a tidy flexible joint that allows the cab to twist/flex without straining anything. How have you done it?

So many photos... would you mind if I added some of them to my screensaver collection?


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