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Author Topic: Unimog Pics (started 05/11/2012)  (Read 4950 times)

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Re: Unimog Pics (started 05/11/2012)
« Reply #45 on: February 21, 2015, 07:01:54 pm »

Thanks for all the kind words.

Yes, it is a spinning corkscrew.  Very dangerous if you're not careful, but one heck of a fast splitter.  Splits wood faster that I can feed it.  I have never had a piece of wood get stuck.  I suppose if one did I would knock it off with another piece.

Yes, it took a lot of effort to change it from the condition it was in went I bought it to its present shape.  I am not a mechanic by any means so I learned a lot along the way.

The ROPS is made by Case for 406 Unimogs they branded as their own.  It is very thick walled, thicker walled tubing than my dad's Cat bulldozer.  It mounts the frame using 4 large bolts through a flattish upside down "U" shape like the mid-mount Werner winches do.  It is made to rest the backhoe on when it is folded up (I don't have one).

The upright exhaust was one of the best improvements I have made to the truck.  It gets the smoke and stink up in the air instead of into my clothes and lungs.  Especially when the truck is cold.  It is hard welded to the ROPS because the ROPS is hard bolted to the frame.  No movement anywhere.  Maybe I didn't do it right but it has been several years now and there are no signs of damage anywhere.

Feel free to use any of the photos for your screen saver.  You are very nice to ask, more so than the Farmi USA distributor.  I was looking for winch parts and went to their site for the USA and while looking around the pages noticed my truck as one of the 4 photos they use to show off their product.  See it here:  http://www.northeastimplement.com/Products/Farmi-Winches/

The rear lights are not Unimog, but I am looking for some so if anybody has some for sale please let me know.  The lights that are on the back of the truck are a result of me breaking the stock lights on one side when one of my tire chains broke swung up and tore off the fender and the lights mounted to it.  It was a very violent action.

I sure am enjoying looking around the site at all the great Unimogs the club members have.  Really some great trucks you guys have.



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